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Today we will talk about a less-discussed piece in the diabetes jigsaw.

We know the BIG ones, and we will cover them in detail, THE SUGAR, The CARBS ( Basically SUGAR in Disguise), Intermittent fasting, Insulin etc

But Often ignored part of the puzzle is another S.


Our Body’s main hormone for stress is called, ” CORTISOL”. It is released by the brain to coordinate and control your mood, motivation and fear. It is released by your brain to prepare you for forthcoming flight or fight situation.

ADRENAL GLANDS at top of your kidneys make this hormone, but that is just technical gibberish, we don’t care where it is made, we should be concerned with WHY it is made.

Make no mistake, it is BECAUSE of this hormone that our ancestors survived. Our Ancestor’s neighbors who were missing this gland DID NOT PANIC and basically kept chilling out when Tiger made them their lunch.

STRESS in itself is NOT A BAD THING. It is your body’s way of responding to an upcoming catastrophe. It basically summons ALL ENERGY, ALL RESOURCES to STOP WORKING ELSEWHERE on not so important and mundane jobs like digestion or other sundry administrative work and concentrate on Running the hell out or fight for your life.

This explains the subject title of this blog.

So why is it that such a wonderful surviving mechanism finds its mention in a diabetes blog. The entire survival system BACKFIRES if/when we are in CONSTANT STRESS.

If your brain feels that you are in trouble all the time, it will produce cortisol all the time. If the cortisol levels are high ALL THE time, the other functions of your body will take a back-seat.

And when that happens, SHIT happens.

Just hit play and watch this 01 minute video. (Trimmed it for you)

So as Joe Rogan summarised, 02 people eating same food have different response depending on the CORTISOL levels in their body.

NOW you Understand whar WARREN BUFFET meant when he said,

” My broccoli eating twin brother is LONG dead”

This dude drinks 03 or is it 05 bottles of cherry coke and is in better health than a lot of 30-year-old walking dead I know.

Now I am not saying, SUGAR is NOT poison and you should include it in your diet. What I am referring to is the IMPORTANCE of STRESS in your life. Warren’s message was simple, Happy people live long(er).

If you don’t have STRESS, you are bereaved off a 1000 ailments you don’t even know about. Stress acts like a trigger, a catalyst which pushes you onto a ditch

So how do you live a stress free life.

It is outside the scope of this article to recommend Meditation sessions and self-discovery but I would tell you a few pointers which can hold you in good stead. Any time you feel stressed, come on this page and breathe according to below rhythm. You can also change the rhythm to suit your lung capacity.

Marry Right, and if you haven’t divorce NOW, its never too late. You do not want to be stuck with a person you do not like, that is number 01 STRESS ENHANCER.

WORK with people who you like/adore. If you are in a job, that is a difficult proposition, but try and get transferred to a better boss, better of course is to be your own boss.

Depending on your religious inclination, get grounded in some belief system. Drop the doership, know that your JOB is to do your thing at best of your ability, result in any event is NOT in your hands. I highly recommend this book.

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