Thank you for such an Overwhelming response. My inbox is full of queries and questions. While I will try and answer each and everyone of you individually, I realized that we need a BLOG piece covering the Most asked question.


LCHF and Intermittent fasting can be daunting and overwhelming and would look like a BIG DEAL from ground zero. Anything worth doing does. Solution is to break it down into easy to follow STEPS. One hurdle at a time.

It is like going on a road trip from lets say Delhi to Goa on a car. Looks like a CRAZY deal, but you have to drive 1 km at a time while listening to your favorite song, before you know, you will be crossing states and people would already start appreciating your feat.

Trust me, I am saying all this from experience. I was not a NCC cadet in my youth. Lazy and relaxed are my middle name. If I can do it, anybody can.

I am a trader by profession so let me give you an example from my industry. No matter how disciplined you are, or how rich you are at the start, if you start your trading with a BIG trade size, you are setting yourself up for a disaster. If you have not seen them before, the M2M gyrations of 2 to 4 lakhs will paralyze you despite your overall net-worth being huge. You need to acclimatize your mind into it. Start with 1000 buck gyrations and move the size up slowly. Similarly, KETO and Intermittent fasting discipline need to be instilled 01 step at a time.

Step 1.

Start with a BREAKFAST. That is the easiest to change. Break your overnight fast with EGGS. Change the style every day to avoid boredom. Scramble them, boil them, fry them, one side or both, make an omelette, make a Roll. make a bhurji go wild, lol. If you a vegetarian, your go-to item is PANEER.

Add a sausage, bacon, salami to the mix and you have a full on meal. If you still feel hungry, make yourself a Bullet Coffee (black coffee with white butter).

Step 2.

Kill the snacks. You will be surprised to know the kind of damage this small here and there eating does. I know this because I have been testing my sugar levels after putting anything in my mouth. Just discard chips, soda, cookies, namkeen. Replace them with dry fruits (i know this game is not for the poor). If you need to eat snacks and are unable to relenquish the addiction, I recommend KETO friendly snacks from KETOFY. Don’t forget to check your sugar post eating to confirm your tolerance.

Step 3 and Step 4.

We now move to Dinner and Lunch. To handle this beast you would need to create an alternative to Rice and Roti. This particular problem is BIG in India. I realized on this stage, that ALL WE EAT IS CARBS in our average daily meals. The way to handle this problem is to ORDER Almond and coconut flour (see ketofy link above). For Rice there is an alternative called cauli rice. (Its grated cauliflower cooked), I am not a big fan but some people just love it. I have simply chucked rice out of my life.

Step 5. Intermittent fasting.

Once you have streamlined your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Its time to NOT eat it all the time. This also needs to be done in STEPS. Here is the blog to get you started.

Step 6. Fasting.

Once in a year, there has to be a 3-5 day window, where you just don’t eat anything at all. Similarly once a month, there has to be a day where you skip all meals.

How hard or lenient you need to be on yourself depends on what your current life story is. How strict you have to become depends on how sick you are, how sedentary your life style is, What is the disease history of your family and what does the glucose and lipid reading say!!!.

Hope this helped, feel free to email me for any questions.

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