Paryushan Parva Rambha

Jain fasting .

As we discussed in our previous blog on Intermittent fasting, science is finally catching up to something our ancestors knew all along.

We also discussed Nasim Talebs advice on scaling appropriately to get maximum benefit. So 01 day of week with  no food scales to 02 continuous days of no food in a month to once a year where you basically go without food for a full week.

Now, this is rather difficult to pull off without the help of a little bit of religion.

You see religion creates a cult, a group culture, a sense of camaraderie and peer pressure which catapults humans to achieve what they otherwise probably would not.

I was searching the net for motivation and then my gujju jaini friend Darshan Shah told me of this wonderful festival.

 Paryushan Parva Rambha is a divine festival in Jainism. Devout Janis fast for 8 days in this festival. It is NOT like NAVRATRI of us Punjabis which is a FEASTING fast.

These jainies mean business. For full 8 days they don’t EAT anything. ONLY  water is allowed.

As if this is not enough, even the water is NOT ALLOWED post sunset.

Now that is one mother of catharsis. This is once in a 5 year kind of deal. It has found its place in my bucket list, just like hemkund trek, skydiving and dropping acid did.

As mentioned in Jain Calendar 2020, it will be celebrated on 16th August this year. I have a month to prepare and I have decided to check this item off.

Not for once should you think that I am doing it for kicks. You do threesoms for kicks, not fasting, lol

The undercurrent for all these endeavors is the fact that these acts CHANGE YOUR HEALTH MARKERS.  And they change it BIG TIME. The inflammation levels, the insulin levels, blood pressure and whole lot of things improve dramatically.

It is basically a RESET button for all the crap you have eaten over the years and the mishandling you have done.

Don’t take my word for it, read Jason fung’s book where he puts severe diabetes patients suffering from hyperinsulinemia into a 3 day fast even before starting the remission and treatment process.


8 days of fasting can be daunting and overwhelm you and therefore mind needs to scale up. It is like trading, you cannot place an order for 100 lots banknifty without first facing the m2m of say 10 lot, then 30 lot, then 50 lots over a period of time.

So, I will be doing a full day fast on a Tuesday 7th July.

Followed by a full 02 day fast on    23rd and 24th July.

In the meantime I will continue practicing OMAD (One meal a day) on weekends and LOW CARB diet on other days.

This should gear me up(i hope) for 16th August- 23rd August 2020 for Mother of all fasts. I am sure even after all this preparation, I would need divine grace to pull it off.

I would love to hear your comments and also if anybody wants to take up the challenge and do it along.


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2 thoughts on “Paryushan Parva Rambha”

  1. Its great that you have plan to do it…
    But Jains are used to do it from childhood ..So..have their brain,body hardwired..and that is difficult to do in one month..

    But can be doable..
    1)Try to eat only 4-3-2-1 times a day..over next few Eat only 4 times only for 8 days 3times next 8 days like that…Make your body/brain comfortable with it
    2)Drink only boiled water even if it is purified.Drink warm water.Avoid chilled water from today itself.
    3)Avoid eating after 7pm from Today onward
    4)Avoid Non Veg/Fatty /junk/spicy food for next one month
    5)Try to avoid eating oil ,salt,sugar,chilies each one week over next 4 weeks(For making better brain/body connection to survive those 8 days and gain better control over tongue)
    5)Basically Jains do it to win on their desires..To improve their Sanyam…

    All the best…!
    Have great Sanyam Parva…!


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