About me

About Me


I am Manish Dhawan, owner of this Blog. I am 41 year old Delhi based Blogger.

In the Year 2018, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Read my story here.

Thanks 2 LCHF regime that I followed, I AM OFF ALL medications except Metformin.

This Transformation led to a realization that there are many more like me, who are NOT EVEN aware that this DREADED DISEASE can be REVERSED. (well actually, not reversed, but put into REMISSION)

The current set-up is marred by INCENTIVE and STATUS QUO bias so much that usual course of action is to follow the friendly next door Doctor who succumbing to authority simply follows ADA (american diabetes association) and put you in a viscous never ending loop of poisonous medicines which BTW ONLY treat the symptoms and not even tackle the disease.

As you may have noticed with your friends and family, the prescribed medications only increase with time and the corresponding complications show up anyhow.

My Mission behind making this blog is

  • To showcase the POWER of LCHF (Low carb High fat)
  • To help people suffering from diabetes reverse the disease
  • To profile people across the globe doing this successfully.
  • To provide a ready resource for people who wish to Help themselves.

Personal life.

I am a Money Manager by profession, We run a Sebi registered Research Investment Advisory MysticWealth where we offer automated stock portfolios.

I am married to a ladakhi dame who is an epidemiologist (Doctor) and we have a 7 year old hybrid kid Zohan. Yes the name was inspired from that Adam Sandler Movie


Check out my video explaining my STORY. (You would need headphones)

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