Top 7 Tests you must do if you are Diabetic - Low Carb LCHF Keto Nutrition Certification India

Ed Seykota famously once said.

If you cannot measure it, You cannot control it. Measuring something is Step 01 of controlling it.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and you want to STAY AHEAD of the disease, it is imperative that you monitor yourself rigorously and regularly. If you are a care giver of someone who cannot read this, it becomes your responsibility to do it for them. This quick guide is a ready reckoner of PARAMETERS and health checks you need to monitor.


Ofcourse this is number 01 on the list. Apart from once a month check-up at the pathlab, you need to buy a GLUCOMETER to monitor yourself at home. You also need to do a HBA1C test which measures 3 month sugar score of your blood.

Once you are streamlining your diet plan, you need to check your blood sugar after every new item you eat to check how your body responds to that food type. This theory of elimination creates a robust diet which would help you hit your markers everyday like a precision swordsman.

I use this and highly recommend it for ease of use.

You need to measure both FBS (Fasting Blood sugar) and PP (Post parandial) (after meal). PP 1 hour, PP2 hour and PP3 hours.

Another way, which is easier is to go for Continous Glucose Monitoring. CGM. A sensor is installed onto your arm and the reader captures your blood sugar as you bring it closer. Please watch the review I did for this wonderful product from Abbott. Its called FreeStyle Libre

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